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jaguar land rover defender

Adventure Pack equips Defender to take you off the beaten track and into nature’s playground. We’ve got to continue to kind of improve quality over and over again.”. Defender has been engineered so you can dream bigger. An interior with purpose. Is this the Land Rover version of the upcoming Bronco? That’s not just a shout-out to a Detroit show that didn’t happen – as I wrote recently, the Defender is on sale now. Your vehicle says a lot about your business. Please contact your local retailer for local availability and prices. Defender X combines capability with off-road looks, meaning you can go way beyond where you’ve ever gone before. Greatness comes in all shapes, sizes and body designs. $56,300*, Starting at Featuring a fixed full-height loadspace partition, lashing points and lockable underfloor storage area, your gear will be secure whatever the terrain throws at you. Ready to make this your new Land Rover vehicle? Off-road sequences on dedicated land with full permissions. We've detected you're not using the most up-to-date version of your browser. We got back in one piece. The new Defender is going against the Wrangler, 4Runner, Upcoming Bronco for market share. I know, because when Land Rover launched the Velar, I spent several hours in one on a California fire road in the desert outside Palm Springs. So, Land Rover will likely market the Defender based on what it can do off-road (hopefully we’ll get to experience that someday), but how does the brand manage the juxtaposition being its marketing and the behaviors of well-heeled buyers who would rather be seen on Rodeo Drive than on the Rubicon Trail? Which, I think, hopefully everyone would agree, that’s an extremely capable on-road platform, and extremely comfortable one.”, He added, “From there, that platform was enhanced to deliver more off-road.”. Answer 3 quick questions to find your perfect Defender and Accessory Pack. Still, he knows there is work to be done. The Defender 90 First Edition features 20” Style 5098, 5-spoke wheels with Gloss Silver finish, “First Edition” badging and a host of other features, such as ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror 23 and … Defender can handle extreme terrains and confidently takes you from the urban jungle, to shifting sands and icy environments. Real world figures may differ. Please upgrade your browser to enjoy the advanced features on this site. To make more of your world, choose from the four packs below. Exacting attention to detail has always been fundamental to our vehicles. Customer deliveries of Plug-in-hybrid models will begin in Spring 2021. WLTP is the new official EU test used to calculate standardised fuel consumption and CO2 figures for passenger cars. Risk of injury and damage. Real world figures may differ. He doesn’t expect the Defender name to carry much weight with non-car-folk, but did say he thinks the design might catch shoppers’ eyes, even if they don’t know about the Defender’s past. The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer's tests in accordance with EU legislation. †The figures provided are NEDC2 calculated from official manufacturer's WLTP tests in accordance with EU legislation. Conquer the concrete jungle. The icon is back! Bring the muddiest of boots. Optional features and their availability may differ by vehicle specification (model and powertrain), or require the installation of other features in order to be fitted. “I think the key is, for us, Defender was the genesis of the brand, effectively, if you go back all the way to the original concept. It tests vehicles with optional equipment and with a more demanding test procedure and driving profile. Its distinctive silhouette instantly demonstrates the vehicle's character. Always check route, surface, base and exit before entering frozen terrain. Like no other. Navigate right through the vehicles information. The Defender’s on sale, the Bronco maybe next year. Please contact your local Retailer for more details, or configure your vehicle online. Urban Pack equips Defender to stand out in the suburbs with head‑turning style, confidence and composure. Still, the first drive was scheduled for mid-April, and I thought maybe the interview would work well as a companion piece to our first drive of the Defender. I think Land Rover made a critical mistake in it styling of the 2nd generation Defender with rounded edges and a plain, bare looking front end and just simple vanilla interior. Conquer the concrete jungle. Even bare-bone vehicles are loaded up with mandated safety tech and convenience and comfort goodies that consumers, even those buying base models, demand. Capable by nature. “That’s obviously a huge challenge, because I think, as you make something more and more capable off-road, traditionally, that [has] meant serious compromises with every other aspect of it, especially roll control, overall comfort over street surfaces, potholes and such. Compare features and specifications side by side, Use the configurator to build your perfect Land Rover Defender, View and download the latest Land Rover brochures, Sign up for all the latest Land Rover news. Find out more about engine performance, dimensions and fuel consumption.

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